Thursday, 16 February 2012

Naruto 574 : The Eyes That Look Into The Darkness when we talk about suspense, these Japanese people are one of the top five who can make you wag your tail for a whole god damn week just for a random chapter of some manga that doesn't apply anything to your daily necessity. Now, please don't ask for the rest of the four guys. As i told in my last review Naruto 573, that chapter was damn boring. And as for this chapter, hmmmm...not very appealing but...yup, it will do it. It was good but not as good as earlier chapters. You see, i always go mad waiting for a whole week to get to read a new chapter and sometimes my endurance and patience runs out when i get to see chapters like last week. But then, i have no other choice but to wait for Mr.Kishimoto senpai to release a better one and he did release a better one this time. I always wonder, how he gives titles for the chapters. It's always captivating.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My View : Chronicle

At last, this is the first movie i'm reviewing after watching it in a theater. One of my friend was talking about it last evening. He showed me the trailer but i didn't watch it completely as i didn't want to spoil my own surprise. Now a days, most of the movie trailers are showing almost all the important scenes from the movie which makes the movie a little predictable. I was not much interested in watching "Chronicle" but then when i heard that it's a movie about some high school guys getting superpowers, i was like, "Ok, now that's a little interesting, why shouldn't i see what those a**h***s would do with there powers?" And i must say, i'm not totally disappointed at all.

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So, now this movie is about three high school friends who gain superpowers after an accidental mysterious discovery. Soon, they find themselves involved in a difficult situation as it grows difficult for them to control their new powers. Directed by Josh Trank, this movie is kinda documentary type, as one of the three guys uses his camera all the time and we get to see it as a footage taken by him. Except for the last half an hour so, where the camera was normal. The main casts are :

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Naruto 573 : The Path Toward Radiance

Seriously, i was totally disappointed with this chapter. There was no action at all. I know there can't be action all the times, but still at least they could put some nice follow up story to continue. Instead, Kishimoto senpai  used the same old strategy that's being used all the time. A little of everybody's thoughts and a suspense entry. Previous chapter Naruto 572 was so nice.

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Monday, 6 February 2012

My View : Real Steel

"Champions are not born. They are made."
Well, that's what this movie says a lot about. But when i heard this tagline, i got to remember that another one, used in the movie 'Megamind'. "Heroes are not born. They are made." Well, then, Megamind creates a hero of his own and all that funny story of its own aside, this movie, "Real Steel" was a good deal for the young people as well as old, with their minds and hearts fixated on hardcore jaw-crushing fighting. Now, don't imagine on the real blood spilling raw fighters tearing each other apart unless one of them dies, this is a purely family watchable movie with no space for one to say, "What the f**k, i wasted my money on this b**ls**t!" Now, i missed this one too, to watch in the theater. But then, it wasn't that much of a show as "Warrior", which gave goosebumps for the entire time. It's my mistake to compare these two movies, as they both belong to their own different genre.

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So, now this sci-fi movie is set in a near future, where robot boxing is the top entertaining sport for the people. A former boxer and his unknowing son struggle with their lives, as the father wants his robot to win fights so he can earn some money, his son struggles to understand his father, his only parent since his mom died, so that he can live together with him. This movie is directed by Shawn Levy, whose other famous works are like, 'Night at the museum' and 'Date Night.' The important cast are as follows :

Thursday, 2 February 2012

My View : Warrior

"Fight for Family VS Fight for Country"
When i saw the rating of this movie at IMDb, i was a little shocked. My surprise came for, not the rating of the movie, but for seeing Tom Hardy with six packs and that the movie didn't run for a long time in Chennai. I missed to watch it in a theater. The rating was 8.2 when i saw it for the first time on IMDb but now it's 8.3. It's very rare and difficult to see the rating of a movie increase, after being on the list for a long time on IMDb. I didn't know anything about Tom Hardy and haven't watched any of his movie, before watching the "Inception". After watching Inception, he was one of my favorites. And in this movie, "Warrior", he has shown that he is one of the best in the industry but not yet recognized as a great asset for many filmmakers. I always like MMA and watch it sometimes even if not regularly and i can say that this is the best refined film for the sport of MMA.

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Well, the movie is about two brothers fighting for the Mixed Martial Arts Middleweight Championship of the World. And the winning prize is $5million. Now, the reason for the two brothers to fight to win this money is the main story. One fights for his family and another fights for his country [in a different way]. Now, the director is Gavin O'Connor and the casting is as follows, they are the main casts, so, didn't include everyone  :

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Naruto 572 : The Nine Names

My god!!! What a turnover. This man, i tell you, is a god damn freaking crazy dude. Ya, i'm talking about Mr. Kishimoto senpai. Well, he's the author of Naruto and he keeps improvising every chapter. Last chapter, in Naruto 571, Naruto was able to control the Kyuubi or Kurama and wiped all the other five Bijuu's asses. Naruto was cool, more powerful and more charismatic. And this time, i have seen something that i had not expected as well as not anticipated to come. Yup, all the Bijuu's in their kid forms!!! Man, i mean, who would have thought them to be kids? I thought that they were separated from the Ten Tails by Rikudou Sennin so they were like that, angry and hatred filled hearts and big and powerful. But actually they were small kids, i mean small baby animal Bijuus.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Doubtful and tearful eyes...

               “Come on now!!! Please stop it. It’s tickling.” But she didn’t stop it. As she continued to tickle his ear with a grass, she was constantly watching and enjoying his expressions. He was lying on her lap and was lost in his own thoughts. She was looking at his confused face trying to figure out the reason for his silence. His silence started just a few minutes ago but it seemed like hours to her. “What are you thinking?” she asked with a concerned look just like a curious child. “N-Nothing….It’s nothing.” he said without thinking much, as it was a sudden question but the regular one. Girls always ask the guys what they are thinking and get the same reply all the time regardless of the situation and time and mood or whatever. ‘Nothing’, that’s what every guy will answer for this question.

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                “Listen, you can never lie to me. Your eyes will always let you get caught. Now, tell me, what’s worrying you. You know I can’t see you in pain. Come on…Tell me.” she held his face gently with both her hands on his cheeks and bent down to look into his eyes deeply. Her hair was smooth and silky. Like a small waterfall with slow flowing waters, her hair fell on his face brushing gently. The very touch of her hair filled his heart with overflowing relief and the slow and soft smell of her hair filled his mind with ecstasy. He closed his eyes and just lay on her lap quietly, enjoying and savoring the moment of peacefulness. She looked at him for a few seconds but he didn’t open his eyes. She always liked to stare at his face at a very close range. She found contentment in his quiet and sleeping face.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge also called The Wallflower, The Seven Metamorphoses of Yamato Nadeshiko or Perfect Girl Evolution, is a Japanese anime series. It's completed and has a total of 25 episodes. Well, the only thing which i don't like about these kind of anime is that it gets over very fast with very few episodes. I loved this anime a lot. I had downloaded it a long time ago but didn't watch it thinking that it wouldn't be half as good as other romantic comedy animes. But i was wrong. Yup, right from the start of the 1st episode, till the end of the 25th episode, i was rolling on the floor laughing. One of the many things that i like about japanese anime is their expressions. Whether laughing, crying, getting angry, getting scared, etc etc etc...all those emotions are always drawn and depicted properly and all those are funny to watch too. Especially in this anime, the part where people get shocked and scared are the best part.

So, this anime is about four guys and one girl. These guys are super cool, sexy and handsome. But each guy is a little different from each other. Ok, so these guys are allowed to stay in a mansion with only one condition. They have to turn a girl into a beautiful lady, if they do that, they can stay there for free or else they have to pay the rent thrice the amount. The "girl" which is the mission is the landlord's niece. [well, the landlord is also a beautiful lady too] So these guys are a little overconfident about them turning a girl into a lady but later their minds are totally blown off after looking at the girl. For real, she is a scary girl wearing white long robes like the ghost from the movie Ring, with lots of pimples and long black hair. They lose their hope for a moment to win the deal but then decide to change her for their rent's sake.

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Now, let me tell you about these main characters. The girl and the four boys :

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Naruto 571 : Bijuu Mode

Awww man... I have been waiting for five years. Five years, since i started reading Naruto manga, for this guy to control that power in him. Yes, at last, Naruto Uzumaki has controlled the Kyuubi (Nine Tails Fox). I always wondered and wanted to see the combined and total power of Naruto and the Kyuubi, sorry, or rather Kurama. Yeah! Now that's the original name of the Kyuubi, Kurama. I never had an idea that a Bijuu will have their own names. I guess Masashi Kishimoto is just too awesome when it comes to what to give to the audience. Well, i'm writing this post a little late from the date of the release of this chapter but still i will write it.

Probably, every anime and manga fans would know about Naruto and for those who don't, you better start reading or watching it as it will totally change the world you live in. Now, going on with this chapter, i read it nearly 10-15 times already and still it doesn't bore me to see Naruto in Bijuu mode. The chapter starts with Naruto combining his body and mind with Kurama and entering Bijuu mode. Till now, he was only able to draw the chakra from the Kyuubi but not have full control over him. But now, after some serious and emotional talks and understanding Naruto has somehow convinced Kurama to help him and trust him.

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