Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My View : Chronicle

At last, this is the first movie i'm reviewing after watching it in a theater. One of my friend was talking about it last evening. He showed me the trailer but i didn't watch it completely as i didn't want to spoil my own surprise. Now a days, most of the movie trailers are showing almost all the important scenes from the movie which makes the movie a little predictable. I was not much interested in watching "Chronicle" but then when i heard that it's a movie about some high school guys getting superpowers, i was like, "Ok, now that's a little interesting, why shouldn't i see what those a**h***s would do with there powers?" And i must say, i'm not totally disappointed at all.

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So, now this movie is about three high school friends who gain superpowers after an accidental mysterious discovery. Soon, they find themselves involved in a difficult situation as it grows difficult for them to control their new powers. Directed by Josh Trank, this movie is kinda documentary type, as one of the three guys uses his camera all the time and we get to see it as a footage taken by him. Except for the last half an hour so, where the camera was normal. The main casts are :
* Dane DeHaan ----- Andrew Detmer
* Alex Russell ----- Matt Garetty
* Michael B.Jordan ----- Steve Montgomery
* Anna Wood ----- Monica
* Ashley Hinshaw ----- Casey Letter

As a short synopsis, as i said earlier, this movie is about three high school guys getting superpowers. Andrew is a guy who gets beaten up by his drunk dad, gets bullied by his schoolmates, always stays alone, kinda introverted shy person and always uses his camera [which he bought for $500] to shoot daily happenings. Matt is Andrew's cousin and is a calm guy with a cool head who is more reasonable and responsible than Andrew is. Steve is a famous guy in the school standing for elections. These three guys get to attend a party at night. Then they somehow discover a hole in the ground which leads to a big crystallized area, kinda alien, they lose consciousness and wake up next day having  super powers. They enjoy their life and take advantage of their powers wherever necessary. They do a lot of mischief for just time pass. One day, Andrew uses his powers to stop a car which irritates them a lot and that car meets up with a terrible accident. Matt starts putting new rules to control powers and Andrew doesn't like it. Andrew keeps growing evil and evil every day and every moment. He feels no remorse in doing any harm to any living beings. They start to control their powers and learn to fly. One day, Steve flies up to the clouds to console his upset friend, Andrew. By mistake and due to anger, Andrew loses control over his powers and uses the lightening to kill Steve. Only, Matt knows the truth and he tries his best to save his cousin from losing his mind and succumbing to the powers. But he fails. At the end, Andrew loses his control over his power as well as his mind completely. He becomes corrupted by the powers and becomes evil, doing robbery and murder. Matt tries to stop him....and rest is what you must watch it for yourself. Now, we don't wanna spoil all the fun, do we???

Now as for the acting, everyone were amateurs but played their part well. Dane played it nicely as a guy corrupted with power and Alex too did well with his responsible character. Michael was nice with his cool attitude but he didn't get to live long [just kidding]. This movie showed exactly, what young people would do if they got superpowers. Just teasing people, exploring places, playing with it, flying forever, doing mischief, using it every minute without knowing the consequences of it. But some guys who would not be able to control it, might get corrupted and walk in the path of their own destruction. Some guys are more responsible and good in nature and heart and they will use their powers to develop themselves for the better mankind and better themselves. This movie showed, how three BOYS with new powers develop to become MEN.

Overall, it was a nice movie but i got irritated and bugged up in the starting or i would say till the half time. If not for those sudden display of usage of their powers, i would have just walked away from the theater. But, then later, it was normal. Now, you can give your suggestions and reviews in the comments below. Thank you for reading my review.

My Rating : 7/10.


    I must and i will watch !

    1. thanks deepak...for your precious time and comment. I'm glad you liked it and hope you like the movie as well. But to warn you, this is not that great of a movie but OK not bad too......keep in touch.

  2. Will watch it soon:). Thanks for the review:).

    1. thanks for the comment man....i'm glad u liked my comment. Keep in touch.

  3. okie so i can avoid it, right? great review by the way. will come back for more :)

    1. yup..u can avoid it if u want to or watch it.... your wish...and ya. keep in touch man...thanks for the comment.

    2. Is the movie worth 7.....if yes then Iam watchin it.......


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