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Naruto 571 : Bijuu Mode

Awww man... I have been waiting for five years. Five years, since i started reading Naruto manga, for this guy to control that power in him. Yes, at last, Naruto Uzumaki has controlled the Kyuubi (Nine Tails Fox). I always wondered and wanted to see the combined and total power of Naruto and the Kyuubi, sorry, or rather Kurama. Yeah! Now that's the original name of the Kyuubi, Kurama. I never had an idea that a Bijuu will have their own names. I guess Masashi Kishimoto is just too awesome when it comes to what to give to the audience. Well, i'm writing this post a little late from the date of the release of this chapter but still i will write it.

Probably, every anime and manga fans would know about Naruto and for those who don't, you better start reading or watching it as it will totally change the world you live in. Now, going on with this chapter, i read it nearly 10-15 times already and still it doesn't bore me to see Naruto in Bijuu mode. The chapter starts with Naruto combining his body and mind with Kurama and entering Bijuu mode. Till now, he was only able to draw the chakra from the Kyuubi but not have full control over him. But now, after some serious and emotional talks and understanding Naruto has somehow convinced Kurama to help him and trust him.

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There it is. Naruto in Bijuu mode in the above picture. Well, Naruto's bijuu mode is little different than the others. All other Jinchuurikis enter Bijuu mode and transform into that particular Bijuu completely but Naruto's transformation is a lot different. He turned into Kyuubi with all those tattoos and seals over his body and he's standing on top of the head of Kurama. His dressing is changed like that of the Fourth Hokage Minato, his dad, and has all those peculiar patterns over his face, dress and his body. Ok, now, all the other Bijuus, with the Four tail gone, that leaves totally five other Bijuus on Madara's side, start to attack Killer Bee and Naruto and yeah, Kakashi and Guy too. Each Bijuus fire Bijuu sphere at Kakashi and Guy. Here, we get to see the close friendship between Kakashi and Guy. Kakashi tells Guy not to do anything stupid and tries to use his Kamui (mangekyou sharingan) to teleport the Bijuu spheres to another dimension. But Guy stops him saying that even his Kamui cannot stop such terrible power, and tells that he would be opening his Eighth gate to counter it. Kakashi stops Guy as opening that gate would kill him. They are and will be the best friends and best rivals.

Right when they both stopped each other from killing themselves Naruto gets in to protect them by deflecting the Bijuu spheres. Kakashi, for a second, thinks him as his sensei, Minato. Seeing their Bijuu spheres deflected, all Bijuus attack head on. Naruto in Bijuu mode kicks their asses in one go. Naruto uses Kage Bunshin and Sennin mode to detect the stakes that's controlling the Bijuus. Kurama warns Naruto that this was the first time he changed into his Bijuu so the link was not perfect and it would last only for five minutes. Naruto and Bee fight with the other Bijuus. It's one of the best moments in this series. All the Bijuus fighting against each other, i mean, who wouldn't want to see that. It's a dream run for every Naruto fan.

After sometime Naruto finds all the stakes and Madara gets serious and tries to kill him. All the five Bijuus combine and concentrate their chakra and form a special single concentrated Bijuu Sphere. Naruto too forms his first ever complete Bijuu sphere. Both the spheres are fired off like a flash. It's one vs five. The chapter ends there. Aw man, this is what bugs me. And this is what everyone does. Best moment to come and they end that chapter or episode, leaving all the suspense and expectations to be carried on till next week. Well, let's see what happens next week. And if you want to read this full chapter, please visit the below link.
Naruto 571 : Bijuu Mode 

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