Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Naruto 572 : The Nine Names

My god!!! What a turnover. This man, i tell you, is a god damn freaking crazy dude. Ya, i'm talking about Mr. Kishimoto senpai. Well, he's the author of Naruto and he keeps improvising every chapter. Last chapter, in Naruto 571, Naruto was able to control the Kyuubi or Kurama and wiped all the other five Bijuu's asses. Naruto was cool, more powerful and more charismatic. And this time, i have seen something that i had not expected as well as not anticipated to come. Yup, all the Bijuu's in their kid forms!!! Man, i mean, who would have thought them to be kids? I thought that they were separated from the Ten Tails by Rikudou Sennin so they were like that, angry and hatred filled hearts and big and powerful. But actually they were small kids, i mean small baby animal Bijuus.

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So, the chapter starts with the two Bijuu spheres clashing with each other. Naruto in Kyuubi mode hits the enemy's Bijuu sphere in such a way, that both shots fly upwards rather than staying down and blasting. But still even after blasting in the air several feet high, the damage was too much on the ground.  In this commotion and smoke and dust, Naruto grabs all the five Bijuus together with his Tail power and gets all their stakes out at once. By doing this, he enters a different space in their minds. It's much different than how it was, when he fought with Yonbi [Four Tails]. This was a deeper level than that, where he met all the Bijuus along with there Jinchuurikis.

After meeting them, there is a serious talk going on and then suddenly there's a comedy dialogue. Haaa...I like this mixture of situations and emotions, Kishimoto senpai makes. There are a lot of serious conversations between Yonbi and all other Bijuus. And then between Naruto and them. They say that they would help Naruto and fulfill the promise made to Yonbi [Son Goku]. They all say their individual names. Bijuus tell theirs and Jinchuurikis tell theirs. Then Kurama remembers a past where he was a kid along with the other Bijuus, and Rikudou Sennin was talking to them.

Then Naruto takes out all the stakes from every Bijuu and becomes normal, i.e. out of Kyuubi mode. Seeing that, he can no longer control the Bijuus, Tobi or Madara [which i doubt], pulls back all of them using that Gedou beast which Nagato used to use. Then Naruto is all charged up and confident to fight him, as he says that all the Bijuus have given their difficult names to him and taught something important.

Now, I don't know what secret they told him about, but am eagerly waiting for the next chapter.Now, if you wanna read this chapter, go here.
Naruto 572 : The Nine Names

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