Saturday, 11 February 2012

Naruto 573 : The Path Toward Radiance

Seriously, i was totally disappointed with this chapter. There was no action at all. I know there can't be action all the times, but still at least they could put some nice follow up story to continue. Instead, Kishimoto senpai  used the same old strategy that's being used all the time. A little of everybody's thoughts and a suspense entry. Previous chapter Naruto 572 was so nice.

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The chapter starts with Naruto knowing all the Bijuus' names and challenging Tobi/Madara. Guy and Kakashi have a little funny talk telling themselves that they are still young and not too old to fight. Tobi/Madara starts to attack but he sees his hand getting wet. He thinks for a moment that it's sweat, but it was actually rain. He's confused to actually know what Naruto really is. Naruto exhibits and displays a large amount of energy making it look like, he has all the nine Bijuus' powers. Tobi/Madara still thinks of Naruto as a stimuli for Sasuke. I still don't have any idea or guess to what Tobi is really after. Even at HQ, sensors and message relaying squad feel Naruto's incredible energy. They inform Shikaku Nara [Shikamaru's Dad] that Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy are pushing Tobi/Madara back by themselves. Shikaku tells Inoichi to relay this message to everyone to boost up their morals. Everybody knows it's a little dangerous task to relay a message to everyone, but still Inoichi does it. He starts bleeding and coughing due to the stress.

Now, is the boring part. Everyone from Naruto's group start thinking like a flashback and mind thoughts. Hinata, Ino, Sakura, Shikamaru, Kiba, Shino and even Sai, everybody express their desire to help Naruto and go for the battlefield. Chouji has become slim, that was the only surprise and good part in this chapter.

Then, there are footprints shown on the rainy ground. Sasuke is shown standing with a terrifying background as lightning and he stares back with an evil grin. I hope in next chapter, he enters the battlefield. I'm still waiting for Itachi too. He's not being shown for a long time.

You can read this chapter here :

Naruto 573 : The Path Toward Radiance


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