Thursday, 16 February 2012

Naruto 574 : The Eyes That Look Into The Darkness when we talk about suspense, these Japanese people are one of the top five who can make you wag your tail for a whole god damn week just for a random chapter of some manga that doesn't apply anything to your daily necessity. Now, please don't ask for the rest of the four guys. As i told in my last review Naruto 573, that chapter was damn boring. And as for this chapter, hmmmm...not very appealing but...yup, it will do it. It was good but not as good as earlier chapters. You see, i always go mad waiting for a whole week to get to read a new chapter and sometimes my endurance and patience runs out when i get to see chapters like last week. But then, i have no other choice but to wait for Mr.Kishimoto senpai to release a better one and he did release a better one this time. I always wonder, how he gives titles for the chapters. It's always captivating.

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Chapter starts with Karin. Well, she has not been shown for a long time and this time she opens the chapter with a small comedy note, that becomes serious later. She is in Konoha's custody with two guards watching over her. She is in a state of double-minded as to what she would do with Sasuke. The guards think that she's crazy as she keeps shouting and then hugging a photo of Sasuke. They leave her alone but she was just fooling them as she cuts the photo to reveal some pins that can open locks. On the other side, we get to see Juugo and Suigetsu too after a long time. They reach one of the secret and rare hideouts of Orochimaru. They know that the war has started through Juugo's ability to speak with birds. Suigetsu thinks that he's the only normal guy among the four of his team, rest being Juugo, Karin and Sasuke. Juugo asks Suigetsu for his purpose to join the group. He reveals his evil urge to keep on killing is the reason to join this team. While they are talking, Juugo loses control over his mind and attacks Suigetsu. He escapes but in this small commotion, Juugo breaks a wall, behind which is the secret hidden room of Orochimaru. Suigetsu investigates it and finds a unique and rare and mysterious and secret scroll which he takes for as a gift to Sasuke and says this little thing can change the course of the war.

On the other end, Sasuke reaches near the battlefield and faces White Zetsu, a lot of them. They ask for the reason why he came out of their hideout as it wasn't the perfect time for him to enter the battle. Sasuke toys with them and kills them all with his more powerful Susanoo and Amaterasu. He interrogates one of the Zetsu to what was happening right now. He tells everything about the war and the importance of capturing Naruto and Bee. Sasuke already killed the original White Zetsu and now he kills others too without any remorse. He is happy that he is getting used to his new eyes and powers. Somewhere else, Itachi is shown going somewhere.

After a long time they have shown Itachi, my favourite and Sasuke together. Will they meet each other? Will they fight each other once again? Will Itachi convince Sasuke to walk away from the path of darkness? Or will Sasuke kill Itachi and go for the war? Or in total, they will not meet each other? Let's see for the next chapter.

You can get to read this chapter here : Naruto 574


  1. honestly i never watch these stuffs :) but i liked the way you made this post...
    i can feel your admiration to these things !
    rock on bro-- Dee

    1. thank you so much Deepak. I know many don't know about these Japanese comics much but it's damn famous all around the world and in India too. I'm totally mad about it. And i'm glad you liked it. This shows that you are a person who appreciate the writing rather than what is being written about. I'm happy there are people like you and i am your friend....
      thanks again and keep in touch.

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    1. thanks deepak...but what is this? i don't know much about it...sorry..

  3. I really liked the story.It is very interesting.Thanks dude.

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