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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge also called The Wallflower, The Seven Metamorphoses of Yamato Nadeshiko or Perfect Girl Evolution, is a Japanese anime series. It's completed and has a total of 25 episodes. Well, the only thing which i don't like about these kind of anime is that it gets over very fast with very few episodes. I loved this anime a lot. I had downloaded it a long time ago but didn't watch it thinking that it wouldn't be half as good as other romantic comedy animes. But i was wrong. Yup, right from the start of the 1st episode, till the end of the 25th episode, i was rolling on the floor laughing. One of the many things that i like about japanese anime is their expressions. Whether laughing, crying, getting angry, getting scared, etc etc etc...all those emotions are always drawn and depicted properly and all those are funny to watch too. Especially in this anime, the part where people get shocked and scared are the best part.

So, this anime is about four guys and one girl. These guys are super cool, sexy and handsome. But each guy is a little different from each other. Ok, so these guys are allowed to stay in a mansion with only one condition. They have to turn a girl into a beautiful lady, if they do that, they can stay there for free or else they have to pay the rent thrice the amount. The "girl" which is the mission is the landlord's niece. [well, the landlord is also a beautiful lady too] So these guys are a little overconfident about them turning a girl into a lady but later their minds are totally blown off after looking at the girl. For real, she is a scary girl wearing white long robes like the ghost from the movie Ring, with lots of pimples and long black hair. They lose their hope for a moment to win the deal but then decide to change her for their rent's sake.

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Now, let me tell you about these main characters. The girl and the four boys :
Firstly about the girl.

Sunako Nakahara : Well, she is a very beautiful girl but due to her obsession for darkness and horror and scary things, she turns herself into a scary girl always scaring off others unintentionally. An incident took place in the past that made her totally low self esteemed and no confidence girl. She was rejected by the guy she liked and proposed. He called her ugly and said that he hated ugly girls. From that time, the word 'ugly' became a taboo word for her. Though she seems like this, she is a good cook and a good house holder too. She is intelligent in her studies. She terms other good looking people as 'the dazzling creature' and always nosebleeds when she sees one. She is always shown in her 'chibi' form due to her lack of self confidence and when she's serious, she is shown as a grown up girl. She is quiet and scary.

Now, the boys. There are four of them.

Kyouhei Takano : He is the most famous among the four and probably the main hero of this series. With the golden hair and long legs he is a very handsome guy. Almost everybody gets attracted to him, girls as well as guys too. That's the reason he can't work anywhere as his boss, be it lady or a man, tries to sexually harass him. He's short tempered and thinks more about his rent rather than the girl. But later he changes and looks like he has fallen for Sunako.
Takenaga Oda : He is the guy with the black hair. Very brilliant, shy and a feminist too. He is the least scared of Sunako's scary impression. He is from a very rich family doing flower business at a very large scale. He's sent to this mansion to make him more normal. He has a girlfriend named Noi Kasahara and he often calls her Noi-chi.
Ranmaru Morii : Well, he is the playboy of the series. With the red hair and extremely charming he knows all the techniques and tricks to seduce a girl. Always playing with the girls. He is also from a very rich family having a chain of hotels. He is sent here to change as a normal guy as he spends a lot of money. He sometimes adores Sunako and even tried to kiss her once, until Takenaga stopped him [it was a comedy scene]. He too has a girlfriend later in the series called Tamao Kikunoi.
Yukinojo Toyama : Often called with his short nickname 'Yuki', he's a short blonde haired guy with big cute eyes. He is mostly depicted as a cute boy who others often think as a girl. He even cross-dresses a few times in the series. He is the most affected guy by Sunako's creepiness and easily gets scared. Very friendly and always cares about others and tries his best to keep everyone as a group of best friends forever. He comes from a middle class family and is rather the most common and regular among the four.

As i said, the story revolves around these guys and that girl with very cool comedy scenes. A very nice story plot to easily follow with no difficulty to understand. I must say i enjoyed watching it and i watched it many times. Do't miss it and watch it for sure. This is for all the people who watch anime and love romantic comedy. 

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