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My View : Real Steel

"Champions are not born. They are made."
Well, that's what this movie says a lot about. But when i heard this tagline, i got to remember that another one, used in the movie 'Megamind'. "Heroes are not born. They are made." Well, then, Megamind creates a hero of his own and all that funny story of its own aside, this movie, "Real Steel" was a good deal for the young people as well as old, with their minds and hearts fixated on hardcore jaw-crushing fighting. Now, don't imagine on the real blood spilling raw fighters tearing each other apart unless one of them dies, this is a purely family watchable movie with no space for one to say, "What the f**k, i wasted my money on this b**ls**t!" Now, i missed this one too, to watch in the theater. But then, it wasn't that much of a show as "Warrior", which gave goosebumps for the entire time. It's my mistake to compare these two movies, as they both belong to their own different genre.

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So, now this sci-fi movie is set in a near future, where robot boxing is the top entertaining sport for the people. A former boxer and his unknowing son struggle with their lives, as the father wants his robot to win fights so he can earn some money, his son struggles to understand his father, his only parent since his mom died, so that he can live together with him. This movie is directed by Shawn Levy, whose other famous works are like, 'Night at the museum' and 'Date Night.' The important cast are as follows :
* Hugh Jackman ----- Charlie Kenton
* Dakota Goyo ----- Max Kenton
* Evangeline Lilly ----- Bailey Tallet
* Kevin Durand ----- Ricky
* Hope Davis ----- Aunt Debra
* James Rebhorn ----- Marvin
* Karl Yune ----- Tak Mashido
* Olga Fonda ----- Farra Lemkova

As a short synopsis, the movie starts with a brief take on Charlie's useless life. He fights against a 2000 pound fighting bull with his robot, "Ambush" and loses the fight, as well as the bet with Ricky. In order to save his ass, he takes off from that country fair without anyone's notice. He's stopped and informed by some guys that his ex-girlfriend is dead and his only son, who is staying with his aunt, is to be turned over to his father, that is Charlie, according to their state law. Charlie negotiates with Marvin [Aunt Debra's 'old' husband] for $100,000 for his son's custody. Charlie lives with Bailey, his old love and the daughter of his 'human' boxing coach in earlier days. They live in her old gym, which she is trying to protect instead of getting it sold. Charlie buys a new robot called, "Noisy Boy" with some money which Marvin gave. He and Max takes it to an underworld robot boxing arena to win some money, where there are no rules and it's just, "I'm gonna beat the sh*t out of u." And they get their asses beat down. Not only they lose the fight but they lose their robot too.

Then, they go to a junkyard to collect some parts to try and fix their old damaged robots. While, in meantime, Max has a dangerous fall from a cliff and is stopped by getting stuck from a robot arm. Charlie saves him and while they are about to leave, Max suggests that they should take that robot, for which Charlie denies quickly. Max digs out and brings the robot out alone as Charlie leaves him and goes off. After getting it to the gym and some checking and rebooting, they find out that it's barely a "Generation II" robot, with a rare Shadow Function to mimic moves of the opponent and designed to take some heavy damage as it was a trainee robot for other fighters and not made to fight for itself. Within a night, Max develops a liking to it and forms a special kinda bond with it, teaching it many moves and discovering it's name as "Atom".

Due to some money problems, Max and Charlie takes Atom for a fight in a place called 'Zoo'. It's an underground, low-class ring for unofficial and no rules fighting. With Charlie's help, Max wins his first match with Atom. And from then on, the winning streak continues. Max and Charlie keep winning matches with Atom and earn a lot of money. In few days, they become famous and are called for the World Robot Boxing. Max sees "Zeus" for the first time. Zeus, is an undefeated, indestructible, and the strongest robot of all time winning all the championships in the tournament. Max infuses his dance moves in Atom by Shadow Function and pleads Charlie to teach Atom some of his boxing styles, as he was a former boxer known for his never giving up attitude. With both combined dance and boxing, Atom impresses many people. And they are called by Tak Mashido and Farra Lamkova to negotiate for the robot Atom. They want to buy it for the sparring purpose for Zeus. Max rejects the proposal and then they face with a terrible robot named "Twin Cities" with two heads, for a fight. After some struggle, Atom wins the match to everyone's surprise and Max later challenges Zeus for the fight. Everyone is shocked but Farra and Tak agrees to it.

Later Charlie is chased down by Ricky and his men and get his ass beat down by them. After much thoughts, Charlie leaves Max to his Aunt Debra for the safety of his son and as per the agreement he made with Marvin. Later he meets up with Bailey and understands what he must do for Max after an emotional scene. He goes to get his son back. And together, they go to fight Zeus....and what happens next is just the part you will love it. So i won't be telling it anymore. Just go and watch it to enjoy it to the core.

As for the acting, Hugh Jackman always is at his best and imprsses everyone regardless of the character he's playing. But in this movie, i liked that kid a lot. Max [Dakota Goyo] was at his best too. I saw him first in the movie, "Thor", as a kid Thor. He didn't have much role in that movie but in this, he played his role nicely. All those emotional scenes were nice. But sometimes, with what i experienced, i felt Dakota's acting in some places  a little girlish. I mean, his facial expression was that of a girl's. Hahaha...keeping that aside as it is just what i felt, this is a nice movie directed nicely by Shawn. Though the movie takes place in near future, he confirmed it that, it was around the year 2020. He said that, he didn't want it to look like a different era. Though the gadgets and electronics systems have improved, they still have dinner at a table and not some flying machine. The robots used were all nice, and the story is kinda linked to "Rocky". The surrounding atmosphere, graphics and screenplay was all okay. I liked it but still its a commercial movie with lots of simple logic and expected turnover of events.

Thanks for reading my view. You can all suggest your opinions in comments below and do watch it, as i'm sure you'll like it.

My Rating : 7.5/10


  1. Very good movie:). Nice post.Do show your ratings in a pictorial form so that viewers can see ur ratings clearly without having to search for it:).

    1. thanks for the comment.... i'll try my best to distinguish my ratings from my post..


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